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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Pac-Man makes a cameo appearance in both games, but plays a pivotal part in a sidequest in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Baten Kaitos[edit | edit source]

Pac-Man: Execute the SP Combo 45. (Use the cards Cherry+Strawberry+Orange+Apple+Melon in that exact order.)

Pac-Land: Age Pac-Man for 7 hours.

Pac-Mania: Age Pac-Land for 7 hours.

Baten Kaitos Origins[edit | edit source]

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Completion of the quest log, collection completion, and attack bonus.

Details[edit | edit source]

- After giving Pac-Man 75 different magnus, you get The The Beast's Chains, which cannot be obtained anywhere else.

- After feeding Pac-Man a Power Pellet, you get The Beast's Collar, which cannot be obtained anywhere else.

- After feeding Pac-Man 147 different magnus, you get The The Beast's Shackles, which cannot be obtained anywhere else.

- You get 3 unique quest magnus: Pac-Man, Pac-Land, and Pac-Mania in your gathering. You also get to keep Pac-Mania after the quest is over. It makes all your hits critical hits, making any future enemy MUCH easier.

- To get a 100/100 quest log, you must do this quest. To get a 100% gathering, you must do this quest.

To Start[edit | edit source]

Free Quzman from his cell in the Mintakan Sewers and then visit him in his home in Pherkad and agree to keep his pet.

List of things to feed him[edit | edit source]

Adventure Novel

Ancient Mask


Basic Medical Primer


Black Dragon's Horn


Boiled Egg


Celestial Fell-Branch

Celestial Flower

Celestial Flower Bud

Celestial Flower Seed

Celestial Tree

Chef-Prepared Meat

Chronic Fatigue

Chunk of Rubber


Cottoncap Fruit

Cottoncap Gauze

Dark Dagroot

Dark Powder

Dense Medical Tome

Diadem Cloud

Diadem Royal Crest

Drinking Water

Dull Times

Eau de Mouche


Empty Book

Extreme Stress

Fire Dagroot

Fire Moss

Fireglow Stone


Flame Ice

Floppy Greythorne


Fluella Cooties

Fluffy Greythorne

Fluffy Pillow

Foul Air

Fresh Air

Freezing Rain

Fruit Fit for an Emperor

Gena's Pinion

Glubberfish Filet

Gold Beetle Carapace

Gold Beetle Wallet

Gold Nugget

Good Times

Goopy Machina Oil

Greythorne Storybook

Greythorne's Song

Guillo Wanted Poster

Gust Boulder

Half-Baked Greythorne

Heartbreaking Song


Hero's Pickax

Holoholo Nectar

Holoholo Fruit

Holoholobird's Plume

Holy Dagroot

Holy Droplet

Hot Rock

Ice Dagroot

Icy Jeers

Jolt Shroom


Lava Lord's Skull

Light Powder

Lightning Dagroot

Lightning Shroom

Local Hero Guillo

Local Hero Milly

Local Hero Sagi

Lotus Leaf

Love Syrup

Machina Gas

Machina Oil

Magnetite Waves

Meat Fit for an Emperor

Medic Kit

Milly Wanted Poster

Mother Sunshine

Mother-in-Law's Secret

Mound of Soot

Mountain Apple

Mountain Apple Vinegar

Mountain Apple Wine

Nameless Flower

Naughty Novel


Original KM Cookie

Paramour's Secret


Photosynth Lily

Plain Old Shaved Ice

Poor Excuse for a Joke

Portrait of Verus

Potted Celestial Flower

Potted Heartenbrace

Potted Nameless Flower

Pow Meat

Pow Milk

Pow Milk Yogurt

Pow Milk Cheese

Power Pellet

Pressed Flower

Pretty Stone

Primordial Cactus

Pristine Water


Read-to-Death Book

Rock Salt

Rockfly Corpse

Rotten Food

Rotting Mountain Apple

Sagi Wanted Poster


Salty Water

Sandcap Spores


Sandfeeder Silk

Shaved Ice of Love

Soot Soup

Spark Shroom

Sparkling Snow

Spring-Lord's Voice

Stale Water

Stewed Mud Potatoes

Stinging Antiseptic


Sweet Song

Terrible Song


Thornflower Nectar

Traditional KM Cookie

Treasure Lowdown

Tub-Time Greythorne

Warm Cheers

Well-Done Meat

Withered Branch


Yesterbean Variant

Yesterday's News

New Game Plus[edit | edit source]

If you decide to start a new game plus after finishing the game, you will have to feed Pac-Man again. But some of the magnus you already fed him in your fist game (78 of them) will carry over to the New Game Plus.

The 78 quest magnus that still count as being fed to Pac-Man are:

01) Ancient Mask

02) Balmsand

03) Billowsmoke

04) Black Dragon's Horn

05) Celestial Fell-Branch

06) Celestial Tree

07) Cottoncap Fruit

08) Cottoncap Gauze

09) Dark Dagroot

10) Dull Times

11) Eau de Moche

12) Fire Dagroot

13) Fire Moss

14) Flame Ice

15) Floppy Greythorne

16) Flowerpot

17) Fluella Cooties

18) Fluffy Greythorne

19) Fluffy Pillow

20) Foul Air

21) Fresh Air

22) Freezing Rain

23) Gena's Pinion

24) Gold Beetle Wallet

25) Good Times

26) Goopy Machina Oil

27) Greythorne Storybook

28) Greythorne's Song

29) Guillo Wanted Poster

30) Gust Boulder

31) Half-Baked Greythorne

32) Heartbreaking Song

33) Heartenbrace

34) Holoflower Nectar

35) Holoholo Fruit

36) Holoholobird's Plume

37) Holy Dagroot

38) Holy Droplet

39) Ice Dagroot

40) Icy Jeers

41) Light Powder

42) Lightning Dagroot

43) Local Hero Guillo

44) Local Hero Milly

45) Local Hero Sagi

46) Lotus Leaf

47) Love Syrup

48) Machina Gas

49) Magnetic Waves

50) Medic Kit

51) Milly Wanted Poster

52) Oleflour

53) Original KM Cookie

54) Phantasmagoria

55) Photosynth Lily

56) Poor Excuse for a Joke

57) Potted Celestial flower

58) Potted Heartenbrace

59) Potted Nameless Flower

60) Power Pellet

61) Primordial Cactus

62) Rainbow

63) Rockfly Corpse

64) Sagi Wanted Poster

65) Sandcap Spores

66) Sandcaps

67) Spring Lord's Voice

68) Stewed Mud Potatoes

69) Stinging Antiseptic

70) Sweet Song

71) Terrible Song

72) Thornflower

73) Thornflower Nectar

74) Traditional KM Cookies

75) Tub-Time Greythorne

76) Warm Cheers

77) Yesterbean

78) Yesterbean Variant

The 69 magnus that need to be fed again to Pac-Man are:

01) Adventure Novel

02) Basic Medical Primer

03) Blaze

04) Boiled Egg

05) Boulder

06) Celestial Flower

07) Celestial Flower Bud

08) Celestial Flower Seed

09) Chef Prepared Meat

10) Chronic Fatigue

11) Chunk of Rubber

12) Cloud

13) Dark Powder

14) Dense Medical Tome

15) Diadem Cloud

16) Diadem Royal Cloud

17) Drinking Water

18) Egg

19) Empty Book

20) Extreme Stress

21) Fireglow Stone

22) Flame

23) Fruit Fit for an Emperor

24) Glubberfish Fillet

25) Gold Beetle Carapace

26) Gold Nugget

27) Hero's Pickax

28) Hot Rock

29) Jolt Shroom

30) Lava

31) Lava Lord's Skull

32) Lightning Shroom

33) Machina Oil

34) Meat Fit for an Emperor

35) Mother Sunshine

36) Mother in Law's Secret

37) Mound of Soot

38) Mountain Apple

39) Mountain Apple Vinegar

40) Mountain Apple Wine

41) Nameless Flower

42) Naughty Novel

43) Paramour's Secret

44) Plain Ole Shaved Ice

45) Portrait of Verus

46) Pow Meat

47) Pow Milk

48) Pow Milk Yogurt

49) Pow Milk Cheese

50) Pressed Flower

51) Pretty Stone

52) Pristine Water

53) Read to Death Book

54) Rock Salt

55) Rotten Food

56) Rotting Mountain Apple

57) Salt

58) Salty Water

59) Sandfeeder Silk

60) Shaved Ice of Love

61) Soot Soup

62) Spark Shroom

63) Sparkling Snow

64) Stale Water

65) Stone

66) Treasure Lowdown

67) Well-Done Meat

68) Withered Branch

69) Yesterday's News

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