Parnasse, the confectionary village

Description[edit | edit source]

Parnasse, the confectionary village, is a town located in Mira. Everything in Parnasse is made of candies, cream and sweets. Parnasse sweets are famous all around the world. There is a cooking contest every once a year in Parnasse, with Tisocco and Donella being the principal competitors.

Role in BKO[edit | edit source]

Parnasse is neither visited, nor mentioned in this game

Role in BKEW[edit | edit source]

Parnasse is the first place visited by the party when they go to Mira. There, they meet with Melodia, who trips and falls, so Kalas helps her up (secretly handing her the Che End Magnus). After that, they meet with Trill, a childhood friend of Kalas, who moved from Balancoire to learn about sweets under the teaching of Tisocco. She tells the party about Detourne, a strange garden where she saw a shining Magnus. Hoping to find the End Magnus, they leave Parnasse. After their visit to the mystical garden, they get back to Parnasse, only to be imprisoned for kidnapping Lady Melodia (who was kidnapped by Giacomo). After eating their way out of the candy prison, they leave the village again, hoping to find answers in Reverence.

Residents[edit | edit source]




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