Pherkad in BK: EWLO

Pherkad, the ancient capital, is the biggest and most important city in Sadal Suud. Refered to it as "The Jewel of the East", Pherkad is famous for its beautiful and old buildings carved out of stone, the mountain apple wine made with apples from Cebalrai, and its white clouds. People in Pherkad are relaxed and laid back.

Origins[edit | edit source]

In Baten Kaitos Origins, Sagi and his companions go to Pherkad in request of Quaestor Verus of stopping promachination in Sadal Suud. The first thing they notice is that the Empire forces put wanted posters with their faces in all the city. After destroying all the posters, our heroes try to meet Lord Rodolfo for preventing him about promachination, but they learn that he is in Cebalrai. Pherkad is also the place where Sagi fights with Giacomo for the third and last time.

Eternal Wings[edit | edit source]

In Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Kalas goes to Pherkad tracking down Giacomo. With the help of Palolo III, Kalas sneaks into Rodolfo´s Estate, saves Xelha and confronts Giacomo, but he escapes after a long battle in the Goldoba. Pherkad is also the home of Quzman, an old man who is on the brink of death and asks Kalas if he can reunite his entire family before he dies.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Lord Rodolfo

Palolo III, Master of Shadows

Quzman (and all his family after the Family Tree is completed)

Shop[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Gold[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins).png 200 Red Beans Red Beans (Origins).png 200 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins).png 200
Thunder Roue Thunder Roue (Origins).png 200 Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins).png 200 Dark Element Dark Element (Origins).png 300
Fire Element Fire Element (Origins).png 300 Ice Element Ice Element (Origins).png 300 Light Element Light Element (Origins).png 300
Thunder Element Thunder Element (Origins).png 300 Herb Herb (Origins).png 400 Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins).png 1000
Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins).png 1000 Thunderhead Cloak Thunderhead Cloak (Origins).png 1000 Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins).png 1000
Grappler's Gi Grappler's Gi (Origins).png 1300 Ray of Truth Ray of Truth (Origins).png 1500 Scale Mail Scale Mail (Origins).png 1500
Bandages Bandages (Origins).png 1800 Sword of Tears Sword of Tears (Origins).png 1800 Glacial Bludgeon Glacial Bludgeon (Origins).png 2000
Tower Shield Tower Shield (Origins).png 2000

Coupon[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity
Battle Suit Battle Suit (Origins).png 1 Classic Cudgel Classic Cudgel (Origins).png 1 Glacial Bludgeon Glacial Bludgeon (Origins).png 1
Hell-Purged Casque Hell-Purged Casque (Origins).png 1 Helm of Indra Helm of Indra (Origins).png 1 Robe of Firelight Robe of Firelight (Origins).png 1
Sword of Tears Sword of Tears (Origins).png 1 Thunderhead Cloak Thunderhead Cloak (Origins).png 1 Tower Shield Tower Shield (Origins).png 1
Bandages Bandages (Origins).png 2 Canyon Wind Canyon Wind (Origins).png 2 Drakeshead Stave Drakeshead Stave (Origins).png 2
Frozen Suit Frozen Suit (Origins).png 2 Herb Powder Herb Powder (Origins).png 2 High Potion High Potion (Origins).png 2
Luciferous Stave Luciferous Stave (Origins).png 2 Nurse's Cap Nurse's Cap (Origins).png 2 Pegasus Jump Pegasus Jump (Origins).png 2
Thunder Hat Thunder Hat (Origins).png 2 Alarm Clock Alarm Clock (Origins).png 3 Apostolos Apostolos (Origins).png 3
Aqua Hood Aqua Hood (Origins).png 3 Ascension Ascension (Origins).png 3 Brawn Fruit Brawn Fruit (Origins).png 3
Brawn-Brewed Tea Brawn-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Diamond Drop Diamond Drop (Origins).png 3 Fire Fruit Fire Fruit (Origins).png 3
Fire-Brewed Tea Fire-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Ghostarrow Ghostarrow (Origins).png 3 Ice Fruit Ice Fruit (Origins).png 3
Ice-Brewed Tea Ice-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3 Indiglow Cowl Indiglow Cowl (Origins).png 3 Lightning-Brewed Tea Lightning-Brewed Tea (Origins).png 3
Mephistopheles Cloak Mephistopheles Cloak (Origins).png 3 Murderous Joker Murderous Joker (Origins).png 3 Sister's Habit Sister's Habit (Origins).png 3
White Night Beans White Night Beans (Origins).png 3 Empyreal Wildfire Empyreal Wildfire (Origins).png 4 Glimmer Glimmer (Origins).png 4
Rime Blade Rime Blade (Origins).png 4

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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