Pine Tree
Pine Tree.png
Eternal Wings Magnus
Category Battle
Contains Plant
Gathering # 0621
Element Physical
Found Drop (Cancerite, Striper, and Crystal Spider)
Buy (Gemma Village: 1700 G)
Examine (Pherkad and Nashira)
Sale Price 17 G
Ages From None
Ages Into Pine Tree Sap (10 hours)
Usable By All
In SP Combos 52
Spirit #
(UL) 1-8 (UR)
(LL) (LR)
ATK Can be used when attacking, but nothing happens.
Effect None
Combo # 1
Self Target Yes
DEF None
Effect None
Combo # None

Pine Tree is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Description[edit | edit source]

A fragile bonsai pine that looks as if it may be knocked over by a baseball hit by those pesky brats across the street. It would sure look great if you did something to it with the Sculpting Knife...

Eternal Wings Magnus
#0620 Fruit Tart #0621 Pine Tree #0622 Pine Tree Sap
Fruit Tart.png
Pine Tree.png
Pine Tree Sap.png
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