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An Plant is a type of living thing in World of Baten Kaitos. Like the real-world understanding of plants, Plants in the World of Baten Kaitos include species such as flowers, trees, vines, bushes, moss, and the like. While many plants are harvested or otherwise utilized by Humans, some, such as Blue Save Flowers, can be used for unusual purposes like teleportation. Naturally, species of Plant can be found most everywhere, especially in wet, sunny locations not subjected to over-development, such as Anuenue, which hosts the Celestial Tree, the largest tree in the world.

Besides being contained in a variety of Magnus and used in different quests, both games in Baten Kaitos series use Red Save Flowers for saving and Blue Save Flowers for saving and teleporting to the Church / Endmost Bethel (as well as Sedna in Baten Kaitos Origins). Both games also feature a dungeon that takes place on or in a plant in the form of the Celestial Tree (Eternal Wings) and its Veinroots (Origins).

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