Rasalas is a village located between the Albali Sandhollow and the
Rasalas-upper bigger view
Sandfeeder's Nest. It's houses look like they've been carved into trees or rocks, it has a small puddle in the middle and it has some strange yet beautiful lights floating all around it.


Rasalas is the first town visited by Sagi in Marno's flashbacks to the Age of the Gods. When Sagi and the siblings arrive there, all the people were already forcibly turned to Magnus by Wiseman.

Connection with NekkarEdit

  • Probably when the continents rose into the sky, Rasalas became the Nekkar Quietlands, as when the heroes visit Nekkar, they see the ghosts of the people of Rasalas. Further proof is that while visting Rasalas one of the villagers mentions that it is the only place that firemoss can be found. It isn't actually found then, but in the present it can be obtained.
  • Nekkar

    Rasalas, later as the Nekkar Quietlands

    In one of the homes of the past, a father will ask Sagi to help name his newborn. The newborn is in the back of the home with its mother, who happens to be crying because her child will never grow up. If you help name the baby, when you return to the present and finish Milly's quest in the Nekkar Quietlands, the ghost family will thank you and will call the child by the name you helped choose.


Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Flash Dagger Flash Dagger (Origins) 100 Leather Vest Leather Vest (Origins) 100 Ice Dagger Ice Dagger (Origins) 150
Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins) 200 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins) 200 Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins) 200