A Ray-moo, facing away.
Eternal Wings Enemy
Type Monster
Habitat Nekton
Drops Ruffian Mask
Kite Shield
Sugar Cane
Hercules (automatic)
Experience 190
Picture Ray-moo (magnus)
In Battle
HP 490
AGL 95
Attacks 3 card combo
Physical 110, Light 35
4 card combo
Physical 140, Light 45
Special Moves Lubricant
1 card combo
(DEF Increase, guarantees blocks next turn)

Fall Strike
5 card combo
Physical 144, Light 45, Wind 85

Defense Physical 24, Light 8, Wind 8
(0-4 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Light -30%
Dark +30%
Chrono +30%
Wind -30%
Status Resistance
Paralysis 50
Poison 50

Ray-moo (or Ray-Moo as its known in Origins) is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Baten Kaitos Origins.

Eternal Wings[edit | edit source]

Ray-Moo (Origins).png
Origins Enemy
Field Guide #029
Type Monster
Habitat Lesser Celestial River
Cloud Passage
Drops Pegasus Jump
Experience 170
TP 80
Gold 55
In Battle
Speed C
Offense D
Skill Electro Crash
Rams into the target while releasing electrical energy absorbed from nature. (Lightning attack)
Mucky-Yucky Mucus
Secretes a gooey slime that coats and protects its body. Just another wonder of nature. (Defense boost)
Elemental Defense
Physical.png E Fire.png E Ice.png E
Lightning.png D Light.png E Darkness.png E
Status Resistance
Sleep 36%
Poison 36%

Origins[edit | edit source]

Field Guide Description[edit | edit source]

A creature lazily flying about the Cloud Passage. While not adapted for flight in body shape, its long, broad tail helps it maintain balance. There have been instances of people passing off its lubricant as top-grade love syrup in stores.
Uses: Lightning
Weak: Fire

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