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Upstart[edit | edit source]

When we first meet Rodolfo, he is not yet lord of Sadal Suud, instead, he is simply a greedy social climber who hopes to secure rulership by allowing Baelheit to pro Machinate his nation. His only request from Heughes is a large sum of money.

Rodolfo in his younger days

Before it can begin however, he has a crisis of concience and backs out of the deal. By doing so he redeems himself by remaining loyal to his people. He wishes Milly and Sagi goodbye before they head off to their honeymoon in Mira. When he returns to his country he secures rulership for himself.

Lord Rodolfo[edit | edit source]

Rodolfo portrait.jpg

As ruler he is still seen as somewhat spineless not wanting to face the might of the empire. This time he is strongarmed by Giacomo( Who ironically was a guard briefly assigned to him by the empire 20 years before). Like before though he eventually regains confidence and assists in defeating Malpercio. He is present at the celebration once the world is restored.

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