Sagi, as he appears in Baten Kaitos Origins

Sagi is the lead character and protagonist of Baten Kaitos Origins.


The BeginningEdit

Sagi is a Spiriter who grew up in Sheratan with his mother Gena, who runs the orphanage there. At 15, Sagi joins Alfard's army in the hope of helping his mother, Gena, and his adopted siblings. He then is recruited by The Dark Service, an elite paramilitary group which answers only to Baelheit.

Being the rookie of the army meant he was often picked on and didn't have many friends except for Guillo, a Paramachina/Godcraft who often looked out for him. Eager to prove himself, he was given the mission to assassinate Emperor Olgan.

After entering the Emperor's Residence and getting to the Emperor's office, he meets a man named Shanath. After Shanath leaves, he instead discovers Olgan's lifeless body slumped over his desk. In a strange turn of events he is then attacked by his fellow platoon men by orders of Valara. With the help of Geldoblame, Quaestor Verus's assisstant, he manages to escape with his life and must flee the city, as he is now a wanted man. In his attempted escape he is cornered by a young Giacomo, who proves too much for he and Guillo. Luckily, they are saved by a young woman named Milliarde, or Milly. After this she joins them on their adventures, despite bickering with Guillo at every turn.

Back HomeEdit

Once back in his home town of Sheratan, he realizes a mysterious connection between himself and strange creatures called "Malpercio's Afterlings". Whenever they are killed, Sagi has pain-laden blackouts, during which he is seemingly transported to a different time and place, where he meets a powerful group of people. Stranger still, these people claim to know him as their brother Marno, yet Sagi has no memory of them whatsoever. As the story progresses, we realize that the group of Thoran, Ven, Pieda and Seph are ancient and powerful magical practitioners from before the War of The Gods.

The JourneyEdit

He goes on many journeys still, at the behest of fellow Spiriter Verus, who allies with him to stop Baelheit’s ambitions. He runs into Giacomo a few more times and defeats him each time as he continues to grow stronger. All of his strength is for naught, however, as he is no match for the Machina Vanguard. In his quest to stop Baelheit, he helps save King Ladekahn, meets Reblys, befriends Gibari, Rambari, Anna and Palolo II in Diadem, interacts with Lord Rodolfo in Sadal Suud, and Queen Corellia and Lolo in Anuenue. He even finds time to assist Georg and Larikush in Alfard, but all his experiences fail to make him strong enough to defeat the Machina Vanguard.

Truth RevealedEdit

Sagi gets power

Sagi and his newly discovered Malideiter power

Ultimately Sagi discovers that he is not as everyone originally thought, "a Spiriter", but is instead a byproduct of the late Emperor's scheme to produce a "man-made Spiriter". He is a "Malideiter", a child infused with a shard/body part of the long dead god Malpercio, thus granting him incredible power and once mastered makes him even more powerful than a normal Spiriter. In time he unravels the mystery of his blackouts and discovers the truth about Malpercio, and overpowers the Machina Vanguard. He also learns that Shanath was the real assassin behind the Emperor's death. They develop a bitter hatred as Shanath has his mother's Wings of the Heart forcibly removed. Sagi gets his revenge, however, and manages to defeat him where he dies in front of his daughter, Savyna.

Becoming a LegendEdit

With all obstacles removed, he faces off with Baelheit in Tarazed. There he learns that his enemy is Milly’s father and a Spiriter. He defeats his opponent, but is shocked when Verus reveals his own plan and how he had used both Sagi and Geldoblame for his own ambitions of world conquest. Facing off with the traitor, he defeats him, but comes face to face with the ageless evil of Wiseman. Overpowered and unable to protect his friends, he is comforted by Thoran, Ven, Pieda and Seph, whose words give him the power to vanquish the evil being. With Tarazed falling around them, Guillo, his long time companion, makes the ultimate sacrifice of giving his/her life so he and Milly can live. They flee with only Guillo’s head and are saved from death by the Machina Vanguard. Confused but happy, they survive the ordeal, and in a show of emotion he and Milly get married. They are wished the best by their friends from all over the world and go to live with Duke Calbren in Mira for the rest of their days.

Later LifeEdit

It is unknown what became of Sagi after the events of the game, but fans have speculated that he and Milly were the parents of Melodia, before they fell ill and died from an unspecified plague, leaving the Duke to take in Melodia as his granddaughter.

Sagi (Origins)
Special Field Guide Entry
Field Guide #136
Type Human
Habitat Party Members
Drops Doesn't drop any items.
TP Total collected
Gold Total collected
In Battle
Speed D
Offense D
Special attacks Scension
Red Padma
Blast Tooth
Rime Blade
The Godling's Rapture
Elemental Defense
Physical C Fire B Ice D
Lightning D Light C Darkness D
Status Resistance
Sleep 79%
Poison 74%


Special Field Guide DescriptionEdit

A boy of 15, host to a guardian spirit from birth. The Dark Service was eager to have a spiriter in their ranks. Generally kind, though sometimes extreme in his methods, perhaps from naiveté. He wields a long, single-edged blade.
Weak: Variable

Fighting StyleEdit

"Witness the fury....of a God!"

-Sagi, when using The Godling's Rapture

Sagi fights with swords during battle, and his finishing moves span a variety of elements. He has more HP than Milly or Guillo and good attack power. If Sagi plays the basic attack cards in order, followed by Scension, Ascension, Transcension, and The Godling's Rapture, he can pull off The Apotheosis, a very powerful EX Combo that fully heals Sagi and deals great damage to the enemy.

Offensive MagnusEdit

Sword Magnus
Punk Knife Punk Knife (Origins) Longsword Longsword (Origins) Saber Saber (Origins) Freesword Freesword (Origins)
Marvelous Sword Marvelous Sword (Origins) Arondite Arondite (Origins) Apocalypse Sword Apocalypse Sword (Origins) Flame Sword Flame Sword (Origins)
Flametongue Flametongue (Origins) Sword of Thirst Sword of Thirst (Origins) Kusanagi Kusanagi (Origins) Efreeti Saber Efreeti Saber (Origins)
Prominence Sword Prominence Sword (Origins) Laevateinn the Flameking Laevateinn the Flameking (Origins) Ice Dagger Ice Dagger (Origins) Crystal Edge Crystal Edge (Origins)
Aqua Truth Aqua Truth (Origins) Sword of Tears Sword of Tears (Origins) Siren Sword Siren Sword (Origins) Frozen Sword Frozen Sword (Origins)
Flash Dagger Flash Dagger (Origins) Thunderfish Thunderfish (magnus) (Origins) Glimmer Glimmer (Origins) Jupiter Sword Jupiter Sword (Origins)
Plasma Blade Plasma Blade (Origins) Ray of Truth Ray of Truth (Origins) Apostolos Apostolos (Origins) Ascalon Ascalon (Origins)
Murderous Joker Murderous Joker (Origins) Ravensbrood Ravensbrood (Origins) Cutthroat Knife Cutthroat Knife (Origins) Greatsword Greatsword (Origins)
Sleepsword Sleepsword (Origins) Victory Sword Victory Sword (Origins) Excalibur Excalibur (Origins) Longfire Longfire (Origins)
Fire Saber Fire Saber (Origins) Scorching Sword Scorching Sword (Origins) Blaze Sword Blaze Sword (Origins) Blazetongue Blazetongue (Origins)
Flametongue Rekindled Flametongue Rekindled (Origins) Desert Moon Desert Moon (Origins) Parched Sword Parched Sword (Origins) Amenohabagiri Amenohabagiri (Origins)
Efreeti Heart Efreeti Heart (Origins) Efreeti Blade Efreeti Blade (Origins) Fiery Apocalypse Fiery Apocalypse (Origins) Sol Sword Sol Sword (Origins)
Helios Sword Helios Sword (Origins) Ice Soldier Ice Soldier (Origins) Ice Saber Ice Saber (Origins) Crystalsword Crystalsword (Origins)
Crystal Saber Crystal Saber (Origins) Aqua Brand Aqua Brand (Origins) Sword of Destiny Sword of Destiny (Origins) Mermaid Sword Mermaid Sword (Origins)
Silent Sword Silent Sword (Origins) Icy Apocalypse Icy Apocalypse (Origins) Frozen Edge Frozen Edge (Origins) Thundersword Thundersword (Origins)
Thunderfish Rex Thunderfish Rex (Origins) Thunder Edge Thunder Edge (Origins) Thunderslash Thunderslash (Origins) Levinlight Levinlight (Origins)
True Glimmer True Glimmer (Origins) Galantyne Galantyne (Origins) Jupiter's Rage Jupiter's Rage (Origins) Gaea Sword Gaea Sword (Origins)
Thunderous Apocalypse Thunderous Apocalypse (Origins) Coruscant Blade Coruscant Blade (Origins) Rem Truth Rem Truth (Origins) El Truth El Truth (Origins)
Galahad Galahad (Origins) Apostolos Duo Apostolos Duo (Origins) Divine Apocalypse Divine Apocalypse (Origins) Dragonbuster Dragonbuster (Origins)
Double Joker Double Joker (Origins) Murderous Soul Murderous Soul (Origins) Dark Apocalypse Dark Apocalypse (Origins) Ravensblood Ravensblood (Origins)

Special AttacksEdit

Special Attack Magnus
Level I - Scension Scension (Origins)
Level I - Heavenfall Heavenfall (Origins)
Level I - Cliffsunder Cliffsunder (Origins)
Level II - Ascension Ascension (Origins)
Level II - Icebloom Icebloom (Origins)
Level II - Red Padma Red Padma (Origins)
Level III - Transcension Transcension (Origins)
Level III - Rime Blade Rime Blade (Origins)
Level III - Blast Tooth Blast Tooth (Origins)
Level IV - The Godling's Rapture The Godling's Rapture (Origins)

Defensive MagnusEdit

Armor Magnus
Leather Vest Leather Vest (Origins) Full Plate Full Plate (Origins) Chain Mail Chain Mail (Origins) Scale Mail Scale Mail (Origins)
Battle Suit Battle Suit (Origins) Golden Armor Golden Armor (Origins) Amor Alma Amor Alma (Origins) Flame Mail Flame Mail (Origins)
Salamander Tongue Salamander Tongue (Origins) Snow Mail Snow Mail (Origins) Breath Jacket Breath Jacket (Origins) Armor of Tonitrus Armor of Tonitrus (Origins)
Saint's Armor Saint's Armor (Origins) Evil Mail Evil Mail (Origins) Pow Vest Pow Vest (Origins) Crocodile Vest Crocodile Vest (Origins)
Solid Plate Solid Plate (Origins) Heavy-Duty Plate Heavy-Duty Plate (Origins) Lucentskin Mail Lucentskin Mail (Origins) Crossbone Mail Crossbone Mail (Origins)
Grand Armor Grand Armor (Origins) Queen Armor Queen Armor (Origins) Divine Armor Divine Armor (Origins) Passio Alma Passio Alma (Origins)
Amatrix Alma Amatrix Alma (Origins) Blaze Mail Blaze Mail (Origins) Flame Armor Flame Armor (Origins) Flamelink Mail Flamelink Mail (Origins)
Fiery Battle Suit Fiery Battle Suit (Origins) Salamander Eyes Salamander Eyes (Origins) Salamander Scales Salamander Scales (Origins) Icy Battle Suit Icy Battle Suit (Origins)
Blizzard Mail Blizzard Mail (Origins) Snowwind Mail Snowwind Mail (Origins) Levinlink Mail Levinlink Mail (Origins) Temper of Tonitrus Temper of Tonitrus (Origins)
Fires of Tonitrus Fires of Tonitrus (Origins) Ice of Tonitrus Ice of Tonitrus (Origins) Thunder of Tonitrus Thunder of Tonitrus (Origins) Light of Tonitrus Light of Tonitrus (Origins)
Shadow of Tonitrus Shadow of Tonitrus (Origins) Grandmail of Tonitrus Grandmail of Tonitrus (Origins) Saint-Knight's Armor Saint-Knight's Armor (Origins) Saint-Champion's Armor Saint-Champion's Armor (Origins)
Brilliant Armor Brilliant Armor (Origins) Karma Mail Karma Mail (Origins) Chaos Mail Chaos Mail (Origins)



In Japanese, the word "sagi" can mean either "heron" (following a bird theme begun with Kalas in the first Baten Kaitos) or "fraud". For the game's Japanese audience, this is a subtle hint that Sagi is not what he claims (and believes) himself to be (as he is a Malideiter, not a Spiriter.)

Trivia Edit

  • Sagi appears as a Spirit Character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch.


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