Savyna Boss Battle
Eternal Wings Boss
Type Human
Appearance Celestial Tree
Drops None
Experience 0
Picture Rare Shot of Savyna
In Battle
HP 3300
AGL 68
Attacks 2 card combo
Physical 86 (126 alt.)
3 card combo
Physical 108, Fire 9

4 card combo
Physical 146, Fire 9
Special Moves Burning Arrow
6 card combo
Physical 208 (308 alt.), Fire 61 (81 alt.)

(causes Flames)

Emergency Capsule
1 card combo
(heals self, 330 HP)

Defense Physical 25
(0-4 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Status Resistance
All 100

Boss FightEdit

Firstly you won't have a chance to heal after the battle with the Tree Guardian, so if you can try to do so immediately. Another note, if Savyna was in your party in the previous battle, she will be replaced. She's a quick fighter so she will get the first attack. Don't worry though, she is rather weak. Savyna has a six hit combo that ends with Burning Arrow. Like I said, it's a weak attack, but it is capable of causing flames. Savyna has no elemental strengths or weaknesses, so go ahead and just attack. Savyna uses an attack called Healing Capsule near the end of the fight. It heals her of 330 HP, but that's really nothing that you can't handle in one turn. Also, TAKE A PICTURE OF SAVYNA! It is a one-time shot of her that will nab you a lot of cash.


Baten Kaitos Vs Savyna

Baten Kaitos Vs Savyna

Savyna boss battle