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The magnus town. It has a very distinct look reminiscent of clay.

It is never stated on which island Sedna exists but its look and general strangeness would lead some to speculate it lies within Mira. It isn't known for sure whether or not Sedna is even located in the sky, as it's never implied that other residents of the Baten Kaitos world are unable to use the transportational powers found within Blue Save Flowers. Along with the last magnus nescessary for this sidequest, Sedna Light, there is a Letter describing what happened to the town:

"Previous Mayor of Sedna: Our town was destroyed at the hands of a wizard calling himself Wiseman. But we would not give him this, Sedna's cherished symbol. Though nothing more than a simple decoration hung from the town center's tree during festivals, this ornament bears witness to the truth: our town existed once, shining in its own corner of the world. I seal it away here, to await the day Sedna sees its next festival. - The 87th Mayor of Sedna."

Sedna Magnus Location[]

Sedna-outside right.jpg


  • Girl in doctor's house in Sheratan
  • Girl in laundry/well room in Pherkad
  • Man sitting on the left side of the port screen in Sheliak (he'sjust been dumped by his girl)
  • Man sitting on the left bench in the room with the fantail ducks in Komo Mai
  • Girl standing top/right outside in Gemma Village.