Snow Cancerite
Snow Cancerite.jpg
Eternal Wings Enemy
Type Monster
Habitat Ice Cliffs
Drops Asura Tuba
Viking Helmet
Pork Ribs
Experience 1290
Picture Snow Cancerite (magnus)
In Battle
HP 660
AGL 110
Attack 4 card combo
Physical 146, Water 93, Light 36
Special Moves Ice-Cold Liquor
2 card combo
Physical 34, Water 51

(causes Sleep)

Cream and Smother
5 card combo
Physical 192, Water 162, Light 36

(may cause Freezing)

Defense Physical 36, Water 24
(?? time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Fire +80%
Water -80%
Light -25%
Dark +25%
Status Resistance
Freezing 100

Snow Cancerite is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Human-shaped amphibious creature that loves cold places. It must continuously drink spiked eggnog to keep it from freezing to death. These monsters can be encountered at the Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa, where they will jump out of the deep snow at unsuspecting passerby under the cover of a heavy snowstorm.

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