Brass is a weapon class used by Lyude in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. It only comes in three elements, Dark, Light and Physical. They are guns modified to look like brass intruments.

Brass Magnus
Krone Horn Krone Horn.png Assault Trumpet Assault Trumpet.png Shining Horn Shining Horn.png Shadow Cornet Shadow Cornet.png
Snake Tuba Snake Tuba.png Magnum Cornet Magnum Cornet.png Devil Eupho Devil Eupho.png Brilliant Horn Brilliant Horn.png
Indra Horn Indra Horn.png Veda Cornet Veda Cornet.png Saxoflare Saxoflare.png Asura Tuba Asura Tuba.png
Golden Bugle Golden Bugle.png Saxolauncher Saxolauncher.png Glint Cornet Glint Cornet.png Hades Horn Hades Horn.png
Varna Horn Varna Horn.png Agni Tuba Agni Tuba.png Ravana Pet Ravana Pet.png Shining Trumpet Shining Trumpet.png
Brahma Eupho Brahma Eupho.png Vishnu Vishnu.png

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