Completed Star Map

The Star Map is an ornamentation built into the ceiling of the Church. Sometime between Baten Kaitos Origins and Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean the map was destroyed and its pieces were stolen and scattered the across the world. In Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, the party is tasked by a Church attendant with collecting the Constellation Magnus, which contain the scattered stars, to restore the map to its former grandeur as one of the game's major sidequests.

Constellation MagnusEdit

In order of Magnus listing:


Magnus are rewarded for each of the first constellation returned as well as for reaching certain milestones:

Draco Shish Kebab (Small) Shish Kebab (Small)
Vela Flame Sword Flame Sword
Puppis Nixie Garb Nixie Garb
Aquarius Green Bananas Green Bananas
Pyxis Aqua Burst Lv 2 Aqua Burst Lv 2
Carina Fire Burst Lv 2 Fire Burst Lv 2
Cygnus Shish Kebab (Medium) Shish Kebab (Medium)
Hydra Shawl of the Goddess Shawl of the Goddess
Pisces Secret Recipe 2 Secret Recipe 2
Triangulum Conditioner Conditioner
Auriga Chunk of Ice Chunk of Ice
Taurus Voice 3 Voice 3
Equuleus Camera 2 Camera 2
Lupus Maple Leaf Maple Leaf
Perseus Bomb Bomb
Ursa Major Unicorn Horn Unicorn Horn
Crater Fruity Gelatin Fruity Gelatin
Andromeda Deluxe Bananas Deluxe Bananas
Corona Borealis Robe of Firelight Robe of Firelight
Piscis Australis Brilliant Horn Brilliant Horn
Corona Australis Wheat Crackers Wheat Crackers
Virgo Gladius Gladius
Hercules Burning Arrow Burning Arrow
Cepheus Light Yell Lv 1 Light Yell Lv 1
Capricornius Frozen Tangerine Frozen Tangerine
Ara Magic Beans-Death Magic Beans-Death
Lepus Voice 5 Voice 5
Serpens Jumbo Pastry Jumbo Pastry
Ophiuchus Light Flare Lv 4 Light Flare Lv 4
Cancer Dark Flare Lv 4 Dark Flare Lv 4
Lyra A Good Fortune A Good Fortune
Libra Explosive Paddle Explosive Paddle
Delphinus Sforzando Sforzando
Sagitta Aqua Impulse Aqua Impulse
Leo Birch Birch
Saggitarius Sugar Cane Sugar Cane
Ursa Minor Charred Fish Charred Fish
Scorpius Tower Shield Tower Shield
Pegasus Camera 3 Camera 3
Aries Girlish Birdie Girlish Birdie
Cassiopeia Hair Aftercare Hair Aftercare
Gemini Shortcake (Large) Shortcake (Large)
Boötes Secret Recipe 8 Secret Recipe 8
Centaurus Dragon Claws Dragon Claws
Canis Minor Ometeotl Gear Ometeotl Gear
Canis Major Kusanagi Blade Kusanagi Blade
Corvus Devil Knight Shield Devil Knight Shield
Eridanus Mature Birdie Mature Birdie
Aquila Rare Action Figure Rare Action Figure
Cetus The Fool The Fool
For 10 Pegasus Cloak Pegasus Cloak
For 20 Golden Anklet Golden Anklet
For 30 Crystal Helm Crystal Helm
For all 12 Zodiac Constellations Pendulum Blast Pendulum Blast


  • Every constellation in the Star Map is a real constellation.
  • The last Constellation Magnus obtained, Cetus, is the constellation in which the star Baten Kaitos is located.


Baten Kaitos-Completed Star Map

Baten Kaitos-Completed Star Map.MOV

Complete star map vid

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