Basic InformationEdit

Dark soldier and servant of the wicked god. Master of water based attributes. It’s huge ½ horse physique also strikes fear in the hearts of most.

Habitat: Inter-dimensional crack


HP: 2300 Weak: Light (+50%) Fire (+30%) Strong: Dark (-50%) Water (-30%)

Boss FightEdit

This boss is weak against Fire, just the opposite of the last boss. Thalassa has a finisher, as well as a several-hit combo ending with Tears of Destruction to deal with. His attacks can freeze your party members, so cure if needed. Other than that, you don't have to worry about anything. Attack with more Light Magnus, since he is also weak against Light. Thalassa is also weak against Fire Magnus. I know Gibari doesn't have any Fire Magnus, so try to avoid his Water Magnus and stick with Wind. Even though Thalassa has a lot more HP than Naiad, he should fall in no time.


Upon defeat it will drop- Golden Barrette (armor for Savyna), Hurricane Blade (new finisher for Savyna) and a Cancer Constellation Magnus.


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