Dark Service HQ

Dark service headquarters from BKO

A secret battalion of elite troops that embark on incredibly deadly and violent missions, ranging from terrorism and raids to assassinations. They have made Alfard their base of operations, answering only to Baelheit and serve him and help further his political aspirations. They are led by Shanath and include key villains such as Valara, Heughes, Nasca, and Giacomo, as well as the protagonist, Sagi.

Eventually, most of the organization is completely wiped out during the para machina rebellion that occurred when the soldiers placed new computer chips, manufactured by the empire, into the machines. It is heavily suggested that this incident was orchestrated by Geldoblame in order to further his master, Verus', plans and to serve as a major setback for Baelheit, Verus' political rival after Emperor Olgan's death.

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