The Godling's Rapture
The Godling's Rapture (Origins)
Origins Magnus
Category Battle
Contains Special Attack
Gathering # 020
Element Light - Light
Found Reward (Heart-to-Heart)
Sale Price  ? G
Ages From None
Ages Into None
Usable By
Usable SagiUsable not GuilloUsable not Milly
Spirit # 7
MP Cost Sagi MP IV
In Upgrade ?
EX Combos

Healing Wings
The Apotheosis

The Godling's Rapture is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos Origins.


Lv. 4 special attack for Sagi. Gained when Sagi joined souls with his guardian spirit. His rage and a godly power tear through foes as if they were naught but silk. Holy attack.

Origins Magnus
#019 Rime Blade #020 The Godling's Rapture #021 Swallowtail
Rime Blade (Origins)
The Godling's Rapture (Origins)
Swallowtail (Origins)
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