Tree Guardian
Tree Guardian battle.jpg
Eternal Wings Boss
Type Guardian
Habitat Celestial Tree
Drops Freezing Axe (automatic)
Dancing Flames (automatic)
Experience 1500
Picture Tree Guardian (magnus)
In Battle
HP 2700
AGL 30
Attacks 3 card combo
Physical 87, Water 59
4 card combo
Physical 116, Water 71
Special Moves Banishing Water
5 card combo
Physical 133, Water 139

Sparkling Water
5 card combo
Physical 142, Water 110

Sap of Resurrection
1 card combo
(cures Death of Tentacle, healing 250 HP)

Defense Physical 24, Water 19, Light 11
(0-3 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Fire +50%
Water -50%
Light -20%
Dark +20%
Status Resistance
All 100

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Guardian of the End Magnus sealed in Anuenue atop the celestial tree.

Boss Fight[edit | edit source]

The Tree Guardian is accompanied by two Tentacles. They are nothing more than a nuisance so you should wipe them out first. The Guardian will revive them later in the battle when this happens simply kill them again. The Tree Guardian isn't much of a threat by itself. It has a simple combo that ends with Banishing Water. While it’s weak, it can paralyze you, so it’s the only real problem in this battle. For the fastest results pick Savyna, Xelha, and Kalas. Disregard Savyna's Water Magnus and concentrate on attacking the Tree Guardian with her Fire Magnus. The battle against the Tree Guardian is very simple. battle.

Media[edit | edit source]


Baten Kaitos Vs Celestial Tree Guardian

Tree guardiant fight

Tree Guardian.jpg
Tree Guardian 2.jpg

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