• I live in in a time-travelling blue box
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is attempting to rule the world
  • I am Male

About meEdit

I am an intelligent adolescent who plans on either ruling the world or leaving the universe. My favourite videogame series are Pokémon, Zelda, Mario, Tales, Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick (I don't care that it's not a series yet; it's too awesome), Magical Starsign, Trauma Center, Professor Layton, and Baten Kaitos. My favourite of the two Baten Kaitos games is Eternal Wings, and I am currently trying for a complete Magnus Gathering.

My favorite pagesEdit

Other User PagesEdit

Magical Wiki:

I am the founder of the Magical Wiki.


I am mostly a WikiGnome on here.

Drone Tactics Wiki:

A wiki I made, but have not done significant work on due to other priorities.


May as well link to this as well.
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