That's right folks, it's been 11 months since the Wiki's last official update! Don't mistake this for stagnation though. Since January of last year we've reached twice the number of articles, have developed or completed entire sections of the Wiki, and our database is steadily growing and improving! Let me break down what's new:

  • Enemies
Our coverage of Origins Enemies went from one of the least developed portions of the Wiki to probably the most developed earlier this year. With fantastic transcription help from BenoitRen of the Baten Kaitos Forum and images from Lleb of, we now have the full descriptions and stats of every enemy from Baten Kaitos Origins; check them out over here! Additionally, we are continuing to compile and research information on Eternal Wings Enemies.
  • Eternal Wings Sidequests
Many Baten Kaitos fans know how difficult it's been in the past to find a comprehensive source of information on the many small, short Magnus fetch quests in Eternal Wings. After all, they weren't named and cataloged like they were in Origins. We've managed to remedy this and now have pages and basic information (including location, plot, requirements, and rewards) for all minor quests from Eternal Wings which you can view over here.
  • Magnus
Sidequests and Enemies have come along marvelously, but here's where the real magic has been happening. With the creation of Machina M, a Bot used for mass automated edits, we've been able to create pages for every Magnus from both games. To makes things even better, with the Origins Magnus images mentioned in our last update as well as Eternal Wings images released publicly by Tumblr user ★ soul poetry ★, the Wiki now also has images of every Magnus. While many pages are stubs (meaning they're yet to be developed fully), with help of editors, especially Roratude and ViniciusFernandes, we're well on our way to having a comprehensive Magnus database. We encourage you to explore our listings of Eternal Wings Magnus and Origins Magnus!
  • 10th Anniversary
Earlier this year, we added information to our Links page about a web anthology project being undertaken by Japanese fans in honor of the 10th anniversary of the release of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean's in Japan. On December 5, two days before this update, Baten Kaitos turned 10 in Japan and the Baten Kaitos 10th Anthology was launched. While text portions of the site might be indecipherable to most of our readers, I encourage everyone to click around and check out some of the fantastic fan artwork that was created for the project. Congratulations Baten 10th team and thank you for your support!

It was long overdue, but there's the story of the Baten Kaitos Wiki in 2013. We're back at that time of year, so from the Baten Kaitos Wiki, happy holidays!