Hello Baten Kaitos Wiki community, my name is Revitalizer. Following the lack of objections from the Baten Kaitos Wiki community after this blog post (linked to from the front page), posted on January 26, informing the community of my intent to a adopt this Wiki, I have been granted an adoption by Wikia Help member Brandon Rhea. I intend to continue to build upon the impressive work of and work with various others editors, such as Ryonslaught, who came before me. I’m hoping everyone can bring a different ability to the table to contribute to this Wiki; personally, I see myself as being good with organization, but having a limited understanding of the more technical aspects of Wikia’s features, therefore I look forward to learning and sharing. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments on my Talk Page and don’t forget to use the Baten Kaitos Wiki’s Forum if you want to discuss the series, the Wiki, or just socialize.

Thanks for reading everyone, and happy editing! -Revitalizer 00:09, February 8, 2011 (UTC)