Monolith Soft Yasuyuki Honne 3DS art
Near the beginning of the month, the website of Baten Kaitos series co-developer Monolith Soft was updated with job openings for its Kyoto branch and possible concept art for an unrevealed upcoming 3DS game. The concept art released was illustrated by Baten Kaitos series co-designer and lead artist Yasuyuki Honne[1].

Additionally, the latest in the company's series of internal interviews has been released, this time with Kyoto studio staff[2]. Honne's portions are translated below (courtesy of NeoGAF[3]:

Sugiura: So, entering the second year of operation, I've heard that Mr. Honne you have one big mission to accomplish, but do you mind talking about that?

Honne: Yes, that's true. But, we need to increase our numbers a little...I mean a lot.

Sugiura: I see. What sort of people are you looking for?

Honne:Yeah, at the moment we are requesting 3D CG designers, Effect Designers, and Motion Designers. I would really like someone who has 3D map modelling experience to be a part of that too. People with HD experience are also welcome.

Yamauchi: Someone who understands the techniques of HD machines, or with detailed technical knowledge would be good. Someone who can suggest 'Hey, there's this new technique you can use to do this,' would be a great help.


Honne: Currently as social games increase at a rapid pace, and home gaming systems are under pressure, designers with HD experience are having less and less chance to use their skills, I think.

Given that, I would like people who still want to test their skills to come here, because at Kyoto Studio, we still have many oppurtunities for you to demonstrate your skills.

As we will continue to expand our Wii U and Nintendo 3DS projects, we would like to invite you to come make them with us. You won't have time to rest though, definitely. (laughs).


Sugiura: At our last interview, you spoke of a really positive relationship with Nintendo, that hasn't changed, has it?

Honne: Indeed. I think now that one year has passed since our establishment, we have developed a relationship of even stronger trust.

We're more easily able to conduct meetings or consultations, and we're hearing stuff like 'Fix this part' or 'make it more like this, or that' more often.

Uchiyama: Meetings are more frequent, and each time when we hear what Nintendo focuses on in games, or their development stances, we all think it's really cool and want to become more like them. In a good way, we're being inspired by them.