Hello all and welcome to 2013! A lot has happened on the Wiki in the last month and a half, including a fantastic milestone to bring us into the New Year.

  • Article/Readership Milestones
The absolute, most important update today: on December 31, 2012 the Baten Kaitos Wiki reached 1000 pages! This is a major milestone and I'd like to thank everyone who's contributed to that total (notably ViniciusFernandes who helped us to achieve this before the year ended). In addition, from Nov. 30 to Dec. 6 the Wiki logged a record 7503 page views. (It's also worth mentioning that this number was blown out of the water Dec. 19 - Dec. 25 with 19600 page views, but this was unique to having a Spotlight, which you can read about below.) A big thank you to all of our contributors and readers!
  • Promoting the Wiki
Recently we've taken a few steps to help spread the word about the Wiki. First, the Baten Kaitos Wiki is now randomly featured on Wikia's home page, and since the Wiki took part in Wikia's Time to Play promotion (as you might have noticed on our Home page), it occupied one of the large panels for a time. In addition, the Baten Kaitos Wiki was approved for a Spotlight, which means that for the last week or so the Baten Kaitos Wiki has been one of only a handful of Wikis to appear in the "Around Wikia's network" banner at the bottom of every page of every Wiki hosted on Wikia. Thank you to Wendy for approving us for a spotlight!
  • Magnus
Most of our new pages since the last update are for Magnus from Eternal Wings. Notably, we now have detailed pages for the first 370 Magnus which includes every character's weapons, armors and Finishing Moves.
  • Enemies
The Wiki is beginning to compile more detailed battle information on Enemies and Bosses from Eternal Wings; so far we have every one through Anuenue. I've also created a new infobox to hold all of this information. You can see examples with Folon and Cursed Spell Book. I'd also like to thank Thejokethatkills0617 for continuing to fill in biographical information on the series' many villains.
  • Images
I'm thrilled to announce that the Baten Kaitos Wiki now has a fantastic new source for images of Baten Kaitos Origins with, a French-language fansite. Huge thanks to Lleb who not only took and uploaded the images, but has also allowed the Wiki to use them, as well as Sycreast for translating the exchange. I'd also like to thank François of Best of for allowing us to use two images (one of which, the island the Endmost Bethel is located on, you might not have seen before).

That’s all for now. From the Baten Kaitos Wiki, enjoy 2013!