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Name Valara
Gender Female
Battlestyle/Job Class Dark Service and Machina Vanguard Soldier
Hometown Alfard
Age 18
Eye Color Green
Hair Color White
Voice Actor English-Tasia Valenza
Weapon/Element Machina

Valara is a character in Baten Kaitos Origins and an important villain.


She works as a high ranked officer in Baelheit's army, The Dark Service. She believes and respects the power of machina. In her eyes, machina will secure Alfard's power over the other nations, ushering in an era in which she will assuredly reap the benefits. As such, she bears no love for Spiriters like Sagi and Verus claiming that theirs is the old way. She has somewhat of an odd relationship with the game's protagonist, Sagi, she has been shown being somewhat friendly towards him, despite the two of them being enemies.

Her motto is "work is work", and she tends to care not about the welfare of others when it comes to her work as a member of the Machina Vanguard. Valara pilots a TYPE-V Machina Arma: Razer, which walks upright on two legs, and has two arms, along with a seat where a head would be. It also features a scorpion tail like attachment that fires a laser powerful enough to shear a continent in two. Depending on the player's actions, Valara will either die at the hands of Sagi, or rescue him and his companions at the conclusion of the game.

It's implied she is the sister of the sick boy in the Doctor's Office in sheliak.

Valara (Fight 1)
Valara (Fight 1) (Origins).png
Origins Boss
Field Guide #040
Type Human
Habitat Cloudvents
Drops Rime Blade
Experience 1800
TP 190
Gold 400
In Battle
HP E: 3080
Speed D
Offense D
Skill Machina Formation
Valara, Heughes, and Nasca's combination attack. Packs 100% knockout power. (Physical attack)
Approaches foes with nimble footwork and unleashes electric blasts at point-blank range. (Shock attack)
Elemental Defense
Physical.png D Fire.png E Ice.png E
Lightning.png D Light.png E Darkness.png E
Status Resistance
Sleep 67%
Poison 75%

Boss Battle[]

Fight 1[]

Field Guide Description[]

De facto chief of Baelheit's personal vanguard. Her machina gun's lightning attack is powerful and hits several times. Her combined attack with Nasca and Heughes shows the bond they share. "I won't even waste my time on a brat like you."
Uses: Physical, Lightning, Shock, Unconscious
Weak: None

Valara (Fight 2)
Valara (Fight 2) (Origins).png
Origins Boss
Field Guide #079
Type Human
Habitat Celestial Tree Veinroots
Drops Arondite
Experience 5000
TP 440
Gold 700
In Battle
HP D: 6180
Speed A
Offense A
Skill Deathdealer
A special attack causing shock. Approaches foes with nimble footwork, unleashing an electric blast at point-blank range.
Elemental Defense
Physical.png C Fire.png D Ice.png D
Lightning.png C Light.png D Darkness.png C
Status Resistance
Sleep 86%
Poison 95%

Fight 2[]

Field Guide Description[]

Unable to withdraw despite the defeat of the immensely powerful machina arma, she stands before Sagi with only her gun. Perhaps her defeat stemmed from an overdependence on the power of machina. "I won't... let it end yet. Not here!"
Uses: Lightning
Weak: None