Vega is a the primary city of the colossal air ship developed by Alfard, Tarazed.

Vega while still under construction.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Gold[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Black Beans Black Beans (Origins).png 200 Blue Beans Blue Beans (Origins).png 200 Green Beans Green Beans (Origins).png 200
Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins).png 200 Purple Beans Purple Beans (Origins).png 200 Red Beans Red Beans (Origins).png 200
Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins).png 200 Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins).png 200 Yellow Beans Yellow Beans (Origins).png 200
Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins).png 1000 Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins).png 1000 Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins).png 1000
Flare Element Flare Element (Origins).png 2000 Freeze Element Freeze Element (Origins).png 2000 Holy Element Holy Element (Origins).png 2000
Plasma Element Plasma Element (Origins).png 2000 Shade Element Shade Element (Origins).png 2000 High Potion High Potion (Origins).png 3000
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit (Origins).png 4000 Elixir Elixir (Origins).png 20000 Bomb Bomb (Origins).png 50000

Coupon[edit | edit source]

Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity Magnus Picture Rarity
Anubis Shield Anubis Shield (Origins).png 2 Freezing Gown Freezing Gown (Origins).png 2 Holy Shroud Holy Shroud (Origins).png 2
Phoenix Helm Phoenix Helm (Origins).png 2 Arabesque Arabesque (Origins).png 3 Amor Alma Amor Alma (Origins).png 3
Ascension Ascension (Origins).png 3 Book of Mana Book of Mana (Origins).png 3 Chalice of Freedom Chalice of Freedom (Origins).png 3
Cliffsunder Cliffsunder (Origins).png 3 Cold Queen Cold Queen (Origins).png 3 Diamond Drop Diamond Drop (Origins).png 3
Efreeti Horn Efreeti Horn (Origins).png 3 Elixir Elixir (Origins).png 3 Emerald Thrush Emerald Thrush (Origins).png 3
Fair Guardian Fair Guardian (Origins).png 3 Firewheel Firewheel (Origins).png 3 First Aid Kit First Aid Kit (Origins).png 3
Fulgadrum Fulgadrum (Origins).png 3 Ghostarrow Ghostarrow (Origins).png 3 Hades Sophia Hades Sophia (Origins).png 3
Heavenfall Heavenfall (Origins).png 3 Icebloom Icebloom (Origins).png 3 Icefan Icefan (Origins).png 3
Jiraiya's Robe Jiraiya's Robe (Origins).png 3 Jupiter Sword Jupiter Sword (Origins).png 3 Levinsnake's Rise Levinsnake's Rise (Origins).png 3
Red Padma Red Padma (Origins).png 3 Rising Condor Rising Condor (Origins).png 3 Saint's Armor Saint's Armor (Origins).png 3
Scension Scension (Origins).png 3 Sevenstar Dust Sevenstar Dust (Origins).png 3 Sigil Cry Sigil Cry (Origins).png 3
Spirilight Quiver Spirilight Quiver (Origins).png 3 Swallowtail Swallowtail (Origins).png 3 Twin Ice Auger Twin Ice Auger (Origins).png 3
Welkinsire Cap Welkinsire Cap (Origins).png 3 Wickedwing Revels Wickedwing Revels (Origins).png 3 Zelos Kune Zelos Kune (Origins).png 3
Arondite Arondite (Origins).png 4 Ascalon Ascalon (Origins).png 4 Blast Tooth Blast Tooth (Origins).png 4
Empyreal Wildfire Empyreal Wildfire (Origins).png 4 Fate's Kiss Fate's Kiss (Origins).png 4 Fellstar Gleam Fellstar Gleam (Origins).png 4
Lightendrake's Drop Lightendrake's Drop (Origins).png 4 Open Your Eyes Open Your Eyes (Origins).png 4 Phoenix Dive Phoenix Dive (Origins).png 4
Ravensbrood Ravensbrood (Origins).png 4 Rime Blade Rime Blade (Origins).png 4 Shadowflame Engine Shadowflame Engine (Origins).png 4
Transcension Transcension (Origins).png 4 Zeniver Cascade Zeniver Cascade (Origins).png 4 Aphelion Dustwake Aphelion Dustwake (Origins).png 5
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