Name Verus
Gender Male
Battlestyle/Job Class Quaestor of Alfard, Wiseman's host
Hometown Alfard
Age 49
Eye Color Dark Brown, Red when under extreme influences of Wiseman
Hair Color Brown
Voice Actor English-Roger Jackson
Weapon/Element Sword

A famous, self-proclaimed Spiriter and leader of the Alfard army, Verus has built up an impressive reputation and has upheld security and peace for the empire for decades. There is something behind his good looks and unassuming voice however, one of true evil and intelligence. With close ties to the forces of darkness and power, Verus has plans and ambitions for conquest and war. Utilizing his wealth, prestige, and connections throughout the empire, Verus intends to seize control over Alfard through political manipulation, deception, and murder and use the creation of machina to dominate the rest of the continents. Playing everyone for a fool and having multiple pawns in place, Verus resides in the shadows until the right moment to show his true face to the world presents itself.


War Criminal and The Malideiter ProjectsEdit

A self-proclaimed, legendary Spiriter, and a great warrior in his youth, Verus had connections all over the Baten Kaitos Universe and his name alone could grant one an audience with leaders of the other Nations. Originating from a wealthy background, Verus was one of the many priveleged citizens of Alfard and had the money and legacy to live a life of comfort. He was seen as a charming and polite man who went the extra mile to aid Alfard and the other nations. However, Verus was truly a highly unstable man with a lust for blood and power at any cost.

Verus immersed himself in the political world of the empire and eventually participated in the old wars, becoming impaired and ostensibly required a cane by the end of the conflicts. Though in appearance a noble soldier, Verus possessed instruments of torture within his estate. He was in actuality a sadistic and murderous war criminal who exploited the conflict to commit numerous counts of murder and torture and other war crimes, eventually going as far as to use his injury to make himself appear as an admirable war hero.

After the wars, Verus was embittered and desired the power of emperor. It simply wasn't enough to be the respected quaester, the sadistic villain believed the empire rightfully belonged to him. This immense lust for power and feeling of entitlement attracted Wiseman, a vile sorcerer and villain who had been the instigator of the War of The Gods and has remained within the realm since, searching for someone to serve as his host. Verus seemed to be the perfect host for Wiseman; he was violent, manipulative, in a position of power and wealth, and was a natural at cruetly and sadisim, not much different at all from Wiseman himself. Verus accepted Wiseman into his heart to gain power, but this allowed Wiseman to use him as his puppet, slowly manipulating his actions for his own ends.

Fifteen years prior to Baten Kaitos Origins, Verus' housemaid at Greater Mintaka, a beautiful woman named Gena, bore him a son named Sagi. While never explicitly stated, it is strongly implied that Sagi was conceived during a relationship between Verus and Gena. While Gena fell in love with Verus, the villain simply thought of her as a 'whore' and decided to use his son to further his own plans and ascent into power. To Gena's horror, imperial operatives came to seize her while she was pregnant with Sagi, unaware that it was Verus who informed Olgan of her pregnancy, and was sent off to become a part of the Malideiter project, a set of government experiments under Emperor Olgan, which Verus helped him conduct in order to create beings of immense power for his plans. Gena was kept within the dungeons of the imperial fortress, as was the case with hundreds of other abducted test subjects, where she eventually gave birth to Sagi, who was then inducted into the experiments.

The Malideiter project attempted to produce artificial spiriters by binding "afterlings", leftover pieces of Malpercio's body, to human beings. Beings of unbelievable power could theoretically be made and used to conquer the other nations. Test subjects from adults to new born infants were abducted and used in the experiments, however many failed and resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent men, women, children, and infants. Among the test subjects used was Olgan's twelve year old son, Shanath, who was forced into the operation in an attempt to create the perfect imperial successor with the power of a Spiriter; this served as Olgan's ultimate desire in the project.

Not everyone can just become a Spiriter though and Shanath was not a suitable candidate and his body rejected the afterling while still retaining some of its power. The horrid pain Shanath endured at his father's hand caused Shanath to despise his father, seeing him as a power hungry tyrant who cared more for power than his own son. Olgan in turn grew to be disgusted with his son for not being strong enough to be a Malideiter, though he still loved his son deep down, and the two had a falling out that lasted for years and was never resolved.

Lord Baelheit, one of the leaders in the experiments, soon succeeded in creating a Spiriter, but it was far too unstable. As a result, the subject destroyed the entire facility, killing many, including Baelheit's wife and destroyed half of his daughter's body. Olgan then canceled the project, while Gena broke into the dungeons where the abducted test subject victims were held, rescued Sagi, and escaped the empire. Verus lost contact with his son after Gena fled with the child to Hassaleh. Verus only cared however about the potential and power his son had, who was the only subject to become perfectly assimilated with Malpercio's afterling. Gena on the other hand, continued to cherish her memories and time with Verus, unaware of his true nature and his role in her and Sagi's abduction.

Gena was heartbroken over the course of these events, but vowed not to tell her son about his father or what happened to him in Alfard until he was old enough, believing that such a story would be too much of a burden on Sagi if he found out too soon. It is strongly implied that Gena still loved Verus, even fifteen years after losing contact with him, and nearly cried when given a portrait of him by Sagi, ironically when they were on the subject of the identity of Sagi's father.

Olgan would order for the rest of the Malideiters to be released to hush the events up, but kept a list of all the subjects for possible future purposes. Baelheit in the meantime fled, but found solitude in the guardian spirit, Daimon, whom gave him the wisdom to create machina, which he invented as soon as he returned to the empire and saved his daughter, Milly, by binding her body to it.

While the experiments were cancelled, Verus still accomplished his goal of creating beings infused with the very energies of Malpercio itself. One day, these beings would serve his ultimate desires of power and prestige and get him a step closer to assuming complete control over the empire, the empire he believed rightfully belonged to him.



Verus's face did well to cover the true evil and sadism just below the surface

Over the course of fifteen years, Verus worked hard to build up an impressive reputation in order to give the people of Alfard a false sense of security and throw off any suspicions of his past and true nature; his efforts paid off beautifully and he was soon seen by many as a hero. As such, Emperor Olgan has placed his trust in Verus and appointed him as the commander of Alfard's Imperial army, a position of power Verus relished in comfort and luxury as he had a massive residence constructed for himself to symolize his great power and influence. While a seemingly noble and brave man to Alfard, Verus hid his true personality well, one of an extremely violent and sadistic man who was plotting to seize control of the empire and subjugate its people for his own plans in conquering the world.

Even years after his war injury had healed, Verus continued to use a cane to fool people into believing he was still injured, allowing him to give orders and not embark on them himself, instead remaining in the comfort of his residence making his plans and overseeing his operations in comfort and relaxation. One of the rooms that was built in his residence, that was forbidden to all except himself, was a horrendous torture chamber that contained the countless devices of pain and torture he kept as souvenirs from his murderous exploits and crimes during the war. Verus often went here to relax, relive the violent moments he inflicted on others years ago during war, and tortured hundreds of abducted individuals in the room over the years as a way of enjoying himself and venting his sadism and cruelty to keep his calm composure when out in public.

To further his image of nobility and heroism, Verus also lied to the citizens of Alfard by claiming he was a Spiriter, using it to gain respect and recognition, but truly held nothing but the personification of evil in the form of Wiseman. He would soon acquire an assistant known as Geldoblame who had so much respect for Verus that he may have fell in love with him. Verus knew of this eventually and used Geldoblame’s feelings for him to manipulate him as well as a viable assistant in his politcal affairs and go the extra mile to take care of any hinderances to his grand visions.

Despite priding himself as being very in touch with other nations and concerning of their welfare, the reality was just another facade as sickening as the rest of Verus's violent and evil nature. In truth, he supported and collaborated with Olgan on some on his most vicious policies and treatments towards other populaces such as the slavery and labor conditions in Azha, resulting in numerous deaths, and the Hassaleh Servitude Operation, where all able bodied men from Hassaleh were taken captive and forced to work endlessly on constructing new imperial buildings, resulting in all of their deaths and numerous children being orphaned.

As he built up Olgan's trust in him through these operations, Verus also befriended Shanath and preyed upon the boy's hatred and anger for his father and convinced him to assist him in his plans to conquer the empire, promising him great power and a taste of ultimate revenge against his father. Shanath agreed and with Verus's guidance throughout the years, Shanath's hatred for his father was amplified and he became a cruel and brutal man with a cold exterior with little room for empathy or remorse, making him the perfect pawn and assassin for Verus to manipulate for years on end.

Through Shanath, Verus knew that he would be able to manipulate others into instigating events that would aid in his plans as Shanath held great power and influence throughout the empire, being the prince of Alfard. Shanath soon renounced his royalty and family connection to his father and became the personal assistant of Lord Baelheit under Verus's orders and was put in command of The Dark Service, a secret organization of Baelheit's creation that took his orders without question no matter what the cost. Through Shanath, Verus was able to control the Dark Service and had his own orders and schemes fulfilled. With Shanath, Verus was also able to keep an eye on Baelheit’s activities and factor them in with his own.

As Verus continued in his plans, he assisted Olgan and Baelheit in creating more machina, believing it to be the perfect way to conquer the other continents. Olgan soon desired to pro-machinate every continent to control them and ordered for the construction of an enormous flying fortress known as Tarazed, which would serve as a monument to machina and the new base for Alfard to rule from once all the other nations were firmly in their control through their machina. Verus assisted in this, but also made a stance of using the power of one's heart over machina, simply to cover his true ambitions to use the machina in his grand designs.

As pro-machination efforts began to take root, Verus planned to use the technology to restructure the world and take control of the empire. In order to begin his plans, he had to first put an end to Emperor Olgan, both to vacate a spot for emperor and to force Baelheit to begin his plans and step up Pro-Machination efforts. Based off Shanath's reports, Verus soon learned that Baelheit was planning on capturing Malpericio's afterlings and transferring their power into mechanical weapons he developed called Machina Armor and also had plans to pro-machinate each continent and launch Tarazed to be his main base to rule and oversee all from.

For Verus, this was perfect as it would allow Baelheit to do all the labor, at which point Verus would step in at the appropriate moment, murder Baelheit, and claim the fruits of his labor for himself to conquer the empire and the world. It was taking far too long though for Baelheit to complete his machina and Tarazed under Olgan's leadrship so Verus needed Olgan out of the way to compel Baelheit to work faster, as Baelheit would to need to please the citizens of Alfard with some form of accomplishment to keep them calm after the death of their leader, as well as to vacate the position of emperor to fill for himself.

Verus also desired both the afterlings and to use Tarazed for his plans, but knew that he would need formidable power to capture the afterlings and stand up to pro-machination to ensure that Baelheit would have no choice but to finish and launch Tarazed, the true objective of Verus's manic desires. Shanath informed Verus that a young Spiriter known as Sagi was in the Dark Service and Verus immediately knew that this was his son, the Malideiter. He then found his perfect pawn to draw out the other afterlings and began to lay out his pawns and pieces to lure Sagi into his circle of manipulation and deceit.

He learned that Baelheit had planned a fake assassination attempt on Olgan, simply as part of an elaborate operation to release the afterling in Sagi, and decided to use this confusion to actually have Olgan killed. Verus planned to pin Sagi for the assassination, putting him in the perfect position to persuade his former son to help him. He then ordered Shanath to personally kill the emperor during the operation, both to keep his promise of revenge to the boy and to ensure that the emperor indeed perishes. He also ordered Shanath to steal and bring him the list of Malpercio's afterlings that Olgan had kept as a record of the Malideiter Project so that they may begin collecting them while Baelheit works to secure the rest he has on his own separate list.

The plan went perfectly as the emperor was murdered, Sagi was framed for it, and the list was stolen and secured in Verus's possession. Verus then sent Geldoblame to assist Sagi in escaping from the palace and invite him over to his residence. At the same time, Verus begins to set up his campaign for Emperor against Baelheit and hopes to win to initiate his plans head on and not from the shadows.

Eventually Sagi, alongside Milly, Baelheit's daughter, and Guillo, a special para machina and Sagi's companion from his childhood and Dark Service days, meets Verus at his residence and agrees to help him in standing against pro-machination after Verus bribes him with empty promises of clearing his name and pledging aid to the orphanage in Hassaleh, filled with children he had a hand in making orphans to begin with. To further cover his tracks, Verus blamed Baelheit for Olagn's murder and Sagi's frame up, essentially using Baeheit as a scapegoat.

Unknowingly, Sagi was drawing out afterlings for Verus and Shanath to capture and bind them to Tarazed to increase its power and flying abilities. By Sagi destroying Machination efforts, he would force the launch of Tarazed, as it would be the only option left to conquer the continents when pro-machination fails. With Shanath as his double agent, Verus was able to both use him to carry out his own orders while appearing to serve Baelheit and keep an eye on his political rival for any useful information for his plans. Shanath did as he ordered and pretended to remain loyal to Baelheit, all the while leading pro-machination operations on each continent and drawing out several afterlings for Sagi to defeat so he may capture them.

However, complications soon began to rise in Verus's plans as Sagi was proving to be too weak to destroy machina vanguards and began to suspect the true nature of the afterlings as leftover pieces of Malpercio's body, the portions that were not sealed within the End Magnus by the Children of the Earth. Verus continued to keep his calm composure in tack regardless of these drawbacks and even told Sagi the legend of the War of the Gods to uphold the Sagi's trust and quell his curiosity.

While Sagi's efforts to stop promachination were dwindling, Shanath was still successful in capturing several afterlings and binding them to Tarazed's engines, making the flying fortress nearly complete and ready for launch. Verus still needed to stop Baelheit's plans of pro-machinating the continents so that the use of Tarazed would be inevitable and the last course of action available to conquer the continents for Baelheit. Verus still had high hopes that Sagi could prove he had the power the villain knew was lying dormant within his body and soul from the malideiter projects. Once it was activated and Sagi's true potential was shown, the foundations of Verus's ultimate plans and objectives would finally be his to grasp and choke the life out of the world.

The Monster inside the ManEdit

Verus's operations continued to progress smoothly except for his election campaign to become the next emperor of Alfard, as he was no match against Baelheit, who was seen as a hero and capable leader for capturing the afterlings and leading pro-machination efforts. Verus then came up with a horrid plan to draw out the afterling in Sagi in front of Baelheit to slander his good name. To accomplish this, he has Gena, his former lover and Sagi's mother, abducted and her wings pulled out in front of Sagi at the Alfard Square during Baelheit's election speech by Shanath.

This was accomplished by Shanath under Verus's orders, but was seen as a publicity stunt to the public eye under Baelheit's orders. This was not the case though, as Shanath merely convinced Baelheit to allow it, thinking it would serve his campaign against people having Wings of the Heart. When Sagi saw this, he was overcome with so much anger and hatred that he turned into an afterling, but was subdued shortly after by Shanath's men. Even after all this, Baelheit still won the election and was made the new Emperor, while Sagi was bounded to Tarazed in one of the engine rooms.

Sagi was able to ultimately escape by reconciling with his Spirit, actually a piece of Malpercio, and escaped using its power, finally utilizing the very energies that Verus had wanted from Sagi since the very beginning. Shanath was patrolling the corridors at this point in time and was given specific orders by Verus not to kill Sagi, as he was still essential to his plans. Shanath, however had his own agenda of killing all the afterlings to prove that he is stronger than his hated father could've ever dreamed of and engaged Sagi in battle with his machine. Sagi was able to defeat the young man through his greatly increased strength and Shanath's injuries cost him his life, leaving his daughter, Savyna, an orphan and Verus without his personal assassin.

Verus portrait angry

Verus's true face is finally revealed to Sagi, Guillo, and Milly.

Nonetheless, Sagi finally succeeded in destroying pro-machination efforts, forcing Baelheit to launch Tarazed; all that remained was for Sagi to kill Baelheit, allowing Verus to take control of the fortress and conquer the world, reshaping it in his image. To this final end in his plans, Verus sent Sagi, Guillo, and Milly to infiltrate Tarazed and defeat Baelheit, secretly following the trio to be ready for his ultimate moment.

When Sagi finally managed to defeat Baelheit, Verus arrived on the fortress with Geldoblame and brutally murdered Baelheit by stabbing him through the heart. He revealed through this betrayal that he had played everyone for a fool and had used Geldoblame and Sagi to achieve dominance, and that he was not actually a spiriter. In the case of Geldoblame, who had respected and looked up to Verus his whole life, this was heartbreaking. He also sadistically revealed to Sagi his role in all the misery the latter was subject to, specifically his mother's arrest during her pregnancy of him as well as arranging for his mother's wings being torn off (also referring her derogatorily as a "whore" when reviewing the latter event, making very clear how little he cared for her). Now revealed as the main villain, Verus revealed his intent to use the afterlings and machina to obtain absolute power and desired to destroy everything and rebuild it as his own.

As Verus took control of Tarazed, he prepares for an all scale attack on all the nations of the world, planning to slaughter the entire Alfard senate for refusing to elect him and all the people who opposed him. Geldoblame, despite initial shock that Verus did not desire peace, attempted to follow him down to aid him in his plans, but Verus then made very clear that he no longer needed Geldoblame and viewed him as "a toy that would soon break". Going down to the bowels of the fortress, Verus programs all of the Machina and prepares for them to invade the continents. Sagi, Milly, and Guillo follow him, each fueled by personal tragedies and betrayals he put them through, and engage him in a fight to the death. Just prior to the fight, however, he discarded his crutch and proceeded to lift his supposedly lame foot up before landing it while readying himself, implying that he may not have actually been injured to the extent of needing a crutch to walk around. Verus and his machina are soon defeated. However, despite being wounded, he expressed utter confidence that he can still kill the trio and not die easily, and while Verus tries to call the Machina to finish Sagi, Milly, and Guillo off, they turn on him and brutally attack him again and again until every shred of life leaves his body.

The exact reason as to why the machina suddenly attacked Verus is never explicitly stated, but it is hinted it was because the specific afterlings that were powering them contained the essences of the other, four sibling gods. As a result, they sensed that their sibling, Marno, who is contained within Sagi and is acting as his guardian spirit, was in danger and they then decided to influence the machina to attack and destroy the man who was attempting to kill their brother. 

Verus Wiseman

The true villian emerges from Verus's heart

After being defeated, Wiseman reveals himself and, using the immense hatred and vengeance in Verus's heart to resurface in true form, consumes Verus's heart of taint and power hunger and forms an amalgamation of the two. Wiseman then transports the trio into an inter-dimensional rift and reveals his intentions to devour their hearts and then force the rest of the world to join with him and become its all-powerful ruler for eternity. He soon attacks the trio and engages in a brutal showdown, which goes in his favor until the five sibling gods of Malpercio temporarily escape from their tortured imprisonments to help. With the encouragement of the five brave warriors and gods of Malpercio, Sagi, Milly, and Guillo all recover and relentlessly attack Wiseman.

After an intense fight, Wiseman is finally destroyed, taking Verus’s body with him and leaving nothing but the villain’s old crutch behind. His defeat caused a chain reaction that destroyed all of Tarazed, which soon crashed, while Sagi and Milly escaped to live together as a married couple. With this, Verus's plans and horrid ambitions came to an end, but the ramifications of his actions would impact the future of the world for decades to come. His betrayal against Geldoblame caused the once noble man to break into insanity and turn into a tyrant of unimaginable evil. This would lead to another campaign of violence and reign of terror that would ensure the return of Malpercio and, through the demonic god, the Dark Brethren. It is also heavily implied that Geldoblame upon becoming Emperor erased any trace of Verus from history (presumably as his revenge for Verus's betrayal), namely by demolishing his former residence in favor of expanding the Imperial Palace.


A man of true evil and sadism, a filthy and bloodthirsty mass murderer and war criminal, and a skilled manipulator, Verus did well to cover his true face with a mask of sanity, enticing others to believe that he was an honest man and was working hard to uphold security and peace for the Alfard Empire. His true face though was one of vile evil that was on the border of insanity as Verus sought to subjugate the people of Alfard for his plans and take control of the world.

To this end, Verus had many plans, operations, and pawns set in place over the years as he plotted to take control of the Empire and restructure the entire world as its new leader. Already in a position of great wealth and power, Verus manipulated numerous people such as Emperor Olgan, Shanath, Baelheit, Sagi, Milly, Guillo, and even Geldoblame by preying on his immense trust and loyalty to him.

In one way or another all of these individuals were manipulated by Verus for his own ends, preying upon their emotions, weaknesses, and their own lusts to benefit his plans and operations. This shows that Verus had a great amount of intelligence, strategy, and patience, as well as a keen understanding of how to manipulate others by using their own personal feelings and values. He knows all too well how people function under the emotions of love and attachment and knows how to easily twist and turn them to transform people into unknowing pawns on his board.

He preyed upon the anger and lust for vengeance Shanath had to enlist him in his plans and use him as a personal assassin and double agent, manipulated Olgan's power hunger to orchestrate the malideiter projects to create beings of power for his plans, and used Baelheit as a scapegoat for his own actions in order to manipulate Sagi to aid him. Even Sagi's mother, Gena, was seduced by Verus's false charms and made love to him to create a son, a course of action Verus had wanted so that he could use his own son as an experiment in the malideiter projects. Geldoblame himself was used by Verus, who deduced Geldoblame's immense loyalty and possible romantic interest to him, and used him to recruit others and aid in his political affairs.

Another consistent trait in Verus is his complete disdain for others once they have served their purposes in his plans. He ordered Shanath to kill Olgan as he could no longer benefit him and his death would jump-start the next phase of his plans, murdered Baelheit in cold blood once he no longer had a purpose, had Gena abducted and tortured in front of Alfard simply to act as a publicity stunt to smear Baelheit's name (as well as cruelly referring to her as a "whore" when recounting this event to Sagi later on), shunned Geldoblame, his most loyal servant, once he no longer had a purpose in his political affairs (as well as cruelly compared him to a worn toy), and planned to wipe out Sagi, Guillo, and Milly once they helped him overthrow Baelheit, and after he succeeded in his plans with Tarazed. This shows Verus as a two-faced back stabber who has no qualms over murdering others, even if they had served him and looked up to him as a trusted adviser.

Subtle indications of his true personality are strewn throughout his residence in the form of stuffed and mounted heads of malicious looking monsters and unsettling works of art depicting beings from the Age of the Gods. Perhaps the biggest indicator however of Verus's sadistic nature at his estate is one that is very easily missed as it is only accessible if the player goes back to his residence after defeating Baelheit. Within a particular room, that was always guarded in Verus's residence until Verus left for Tarazed, was a horrid torture chamber that contained horrendous devices, crude masks, and weapons of war. It has been stated that Verus often goes here to communicate with his spirit, but in reality, he is simply torturing countless people as a way of venting and enjoying himself. Due to the structure of the room, it is impossible for anyone to hear anything that occurs in it and, since Verus is only allowed in, no one would ever learn the truth until Verus revealed his true nature and intentions.

His immense cunning and brutal nature, as well as his ingenious plans to conquer the world, attracted the vile energies of Wiseman who had his own plans for the future. With Wiseman guiding him, Verus became a true threat to the entire world and was more than formidable in battle. In the end, he would learn the hard way that not everything can be controlled and was killed by the very machina he was hoping to use to wipe out the entire world.

His body was later devoured by Wiseman, who, ironically, was manipulating Verus himself and was feeding off his anger and lust for vengeance to resurface and begin his own plans to conquer the universe. Ultimately, Verus was a man of pure evil who saw others as pawns in a game, but failed to realize that he himself was the biggest pawn to one of the greatest evils ever to walk the planet.

Verus (Origins)
Origins Boss
Field Guide #100
Type Human
Habitat Tarazed's Core
Drops Doesn't drop any items.
Experience 17000
TP 470
In Battle
HP D: 4160
Speed C
Offense A
Skill Death by Stomping
A physical-based special attack. Cruelly crushes prostrate foes underfoot. Exemplary of Verus's cruelty.
Tentacle Recharge
A special ability with the power of resurrection. Brings Machinanguis B back to life.
Elemental Defense
Physical D Fire D Ice D
Lightning D Light D Darkness B
Status Resistance
Sleep 98%
Poison 0%

Boss BattleEdit

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

Imperial Quaestor. Also directed Sagi in an effort to halt Promachination. Both his being a spiriter and having lost his legs were an act in order to steal the imperial throne for himself.
"This world shall fall under my dominion!"
Uses: Darkness
Weak: Light


Baten Kaitos Origins - Final Boss

Baten Kaitos Origins - Final Boss

Verus meets his end at the hands of Sagi.


  • Prior to it being revealed that he was not actually a Spiriter, and thus didn't actually have a Guardian Spirit, he implied that his Guardian Spirit was female.[1]
  • His name is the latin word for "Truth", which is quite ironic given his more treacherous and two-faced nature.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Verus: Hmm, my spirit seems to share that opinion [with Geldoblame]. She's warning me not to leave Rodolfo to his own devices.
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