Eternal Wings Enemy
Type Malpercian Creature
Appearance Cor Hydrae
Drops Shining Trumpet
Ravana Pet
Prominence Helm
Glacial Helmet
Chunk of Ice
Fruity Gelatin
Experience 12000
Picture Vorleg (magnus)
In Battle
HP 2100
AGL 195
Attack 6 card combo
Physical 642, Fire 428
(NOTE: attacks may inflict Poison, Flames, and Headache)
Special Move Seal of Darkness
7 card combo
Physical 724, Fire 428, Dark 247
Defense Physical 47, Fire 35, Dark 35
(0-5 time(s) per max combo)
Elemental Damage
Fire -30%
Water +30%
Light +30%
Dark -30%
Status Resistance
Death 50
Sleep 100
Paralysis 100

Vorleg is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

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