War of the Gods
The War of the Gods was a battle on a massive scale between the Children of the Earth, Wiseman, the people of Cujam, and Malpercio, controlled by the Dark Brethren. It is arguably the most disastrous and tragic event within the Baten Kaitos Series, resulting in billions of deaths and serving as the catalyst for all the events to follow. Wiseman incited the War of the Gods by promagnating the people of the Earth, while the Dark Brethren used the siblings that made up Malpercio to murder millions of mortals and bring devastation and destruction to the planet.

Wiseman, Children of the Earth, and the members of Malpercio, the major parties in the War.

While the five siblings initially tried to kill Wiseman for murdering all their friends and family, they ultimately fell under the sway of the Brethren when they were forced to fight through the people of Cujam before they could reach Wiseman. After killing numerious inhabitants of Cujam, Malpercio was killed by the Children of the Earth who saw them as the true threat and, in order to save the unpolluted parts of Earth, they created the five continents, Alfard, Sadal Suud, Anuenue, Diadem, and Mira. The power of Malpercio meanwhile bled into the battle field and created the sixth continent of Hassaleh, resulting in the ultimate formation of the settings that made up a majority of the series.

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