WATER illustration from BKEW

Water is the type of magic used many characters in Baten Kaitos but mastered by Savyna and Gibari. In an advanced state this type of magic becomes Ice

Overview[edit | edit source]

Magic aligned with the very soul of the long lost ocean. In BKEW lower level water magnus real themselves as splashes of water the high level magnus however take the form of Ice. This element is very powerful against any Fire type creatures that one might meet.

Water Techs[edit | edit source]


Water Blade, a 5th level finisher.


Seal of Water, an 8th level finisher with a 100% chance of death. The amazing power of this move is likely due to Xelha's strong connection to the ocean.


Dragon Uppercut, a 1st level finisher and one of the flashiest in the game.

Crystal Shot, a 2nd level finisher.

Ultimate Geyser, a 9th level finisher.


Splash Sphere, a 3rd level finisher.

Freezing Axe, a 4th level finisher found in the planes around Mira.

Hurricane Blade, a 6th level finisher that appears to be Erupting Flail's icy cousin.

Hellblood's Hammer, an 8th level finisher.


Mega Flood, a 6th level finisher that involves a serpent made of water rising up to attack the enemy.

Ice[edit | edit source]

Ice illustration from BkO

The element that replaced Water based Magic in Baten Kaitos Origins. Ice has the most Special Attacks of any element in the game, unless Milly's 1+, 2+, and Rabbit Dash attacks are counted as specials.

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