The Whale from BKEW

A legendary and powerful creature said to have lived in the ocean.


During the War of The Gods he remained neutral. After the Five Great Nations are sent to the sky he takes the form of the Greythorne to watch over and continue to protect the world. The whale has vast magical and mystical powers which are not shown but is highly respected by both the Children of the Earth and the people of Wazn and even the Ancient Wizards which comprises the most powerful magical practitioners of their time. When the earth is restored he returns to the ocean.


Role in BKOEdit

Throuout the adventure many Greythornes are seen and in a key side quest it is revealed that one'c consciousness can reside in a greythorn for a short while if salt water is splashed on them. Later on a song sung by them can be captured in a magnus to complete the collection of all magnus quest.

Role in BKEWEdit

In the form of Meemai it travels with the player and Xelha from the start of the adventure until the end. When the ocean is released and Xelha is discorporated all the greythorns of the world reunite and become the mighty whale again. Through his power he places Xelha's essence in a shell and from there brings her back. This is done as a thank you for all she has done for the world.

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