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The White Dragon is a creature native to Wazn. The last remaining white dragon in the world lives in Kaffaljidhma.

Role in BKO

White Dragon as it appears during the Age of the Gods in BKO.


The White Dragon makes a minor appearance in the Matar Highlands in the Age of the Gods, saving Sagi and his friends from an attack by Hearteaters. Should the White Dragon appearing in Matar be the same as the one in Wazn suggests that it is either immortal or has an extremely long lifespan.

Role in BKEW
Imperial Fotress-Escape-witches-white dragon.jpg

The White Dragon first appears when the witches of Wazn save Xelha from the Imperial Fortress.

After Xelha obtains permission from Barnette to use it, the White Dragon becomes the main mean of transport by Xelha and her friends, replacing the Mindeer.

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