Zosma interior.

Zosma tower is a tower situated in Duhr which contains the power of the nation's magic barrier.

It may also be considered as the resting placing of the Ancient Wizards who raised the continents into the sky, as the basement is where their spirits are encountered.

Zosma Roof

Role in the Games[edit | edit source]

Baten Kaitos Origins[edit | edit source]

The tower is never mentioned nor seen in the story arc of Baten Kaitos Origins. On the world map, it is shrouded by taintclouds.

Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and The Lost Ocean[edit | edit source]

The group of Heroes follow Sir Krumly to Zosma Tower in hopes of retrieving the sword of the heavens. The tower is composed of magical moving blocks and is much like a 3D labirynth. On the floor situated under the tower's roof, Krumly sets a trap for the Heroes in the use of Agyo and Ungyo. On the rooftop, Krumly deactivates the barrier in order to barter with Melodia and Malpercio, who ultimately breaks the Sword of the Heavens before heading to Algorab Village. Wizard Shadow is also fought on the bottom level of Zosma tower in Mizuti's character quest in order to retrieve the Ring of Stars.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The room before the fight against Angyo and Ungyo is a reference to the game Q*bert.

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